‘People speak to you in Spanish and you just start thinking in Spanish’ – Angela’s wonderful Spanish immersion holiday in Seville

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‘People speak to you in Spanish and you just start thinking in Spanish’ – Angela’s wonderful Spanish immersion holiday in Seville

Spanish course 20 lessons in Andalucia, Seville, Spain

After leaving Spanish class behind more than 20 years ago, Angela from Scotland decided it was high time to freshen up her language skills. So she took off to Seville on her first ever trip alone for our Spanish language immersion course. She was delighted with her complete immersion experience and we couldn’t wait to hear more from her! Read on to find out more about Angela’s wonderful learning holiday:


I learnt Spanish in my university class more than 20 years ago, and decided to go on this holiday as a sort of refresher course. I am very happy with my progress in Spanish. The immersion is a great way to learn, because people speak to you in Spanish and you just start thinking in Spanish, instead of translating through English all the time.

Immersion inside the classroom…

It is great that we spoke Spanish from the first lesson and I could ask questions in Spanish. It really got me thinking in Spanish.

Rebecca was very motivational, and was just great. I liked the conversational style and that she used interesting things off the internet in the classes. She is very friendly and lovely, and just does what she does very very well.

…Immersion outside the classroom…

The other people on the course were very fun and friendly. They were much younger, but we made friends and had fun together anyway.

It was my first time travelling alone, and it was good. Everything was okay because there were all the people from the class and we had activities together in the evening.

…And immersion in the city beyond!

I loved the immersion in the language and the beautiful, friendly city of Sevilla. Seville is beautiful, and I tried many things there in my free time, like Mamma Mia and the cinema. I really like it that the local people respond to you in Spanish, not like in other places where you try to speak to them in the local language and they reply in English. It gives a really Andalucian feel. Everything just feels very real. Seville is beautiful, the locals are very friendly. I want to return someday in Spring, as the locals tell me that it is the most beautiful then, with the orange trees blooming!

Back home in Scotland

To the people considering booking this holiday, go for it. Seville is beautiful!

I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t get to try flamenco dancing or cooking, but next time I might try the school in Cadiz.


Now that’s the epitome of a lifelong learner. Keep learning, Angela, and we hope to share in your future learning adventures!

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