Top holiday reviews of the week

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Top holiday reviews of the week

Looking for a perfect holiday? Do you find it hard to choose from a variety of activities and places? No worries! Read what holiday returners are saying about their GoLearnTo experience and maybe they will inspire you!

Excellent holiday

hol1 Derek of Winchester, UK had a great time on his 8 day yoga and diving course in Dahab, Egypt – one of the most beautiful diving areas in the world:

Excellent holiday and really nice bunch of people. Shame the foreign office is currently advising against travelling to the area which is hitting their business hard.

Marvelous time

hol2 Susan and her sister Annie of UK learnt with Chef Stella to cook some delicious Greek dishes on cookery holiday in the pretty Cyclades Island.

We had a marvelous time with Stella! The accommodation, which has been recently refurbished, was of a very high standard. Starting lessons mid afternoon meant that we had most of the day to explore the island/swim/relax and then cook – and eat – some really authentic and delicious Greek fare.

Efficient and professional

hol4 Mandi of London would definitely recommend private Italian lessons in the beautiful Florence:

This was a very last minute decision to book this course and trip to Florence, but right from the start to end everything was very efficient and professional. I would definitely book another trip through Golearnto and definitely go back to Europass. I highly rate the teachers and school.

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