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The mystic art of pizza making

Pizza Making Course
It’s got to be no more than 14 inches and no thicker than 0.1 inches…

What’s round, no more than 14 inches in diameter, no thicker than 0.1 inches in the middle, with a crust about 0.8 inches thick? Real Neapolitan pizza according to Italy’s Agriculture Ministry.

There’s around 23,000 pizza restaurants in Italy making over 56 million pizzas each week and according to the president of the pizza-makers association, the strict guidelines are necessary to protect one of the most ancient and most important gastronomic traditions – the Neapolitan pizza. has responded to a growing demand from customers looking for pizza making courses by creating a new cooking course in Italy dedicated to the three Italian classics of pizza, pasta and gelato. And rest assured, pizzas won’t be larger than 14 inches and you can ditch the idea of deep pan as nothing thicker than 0.1 inches will get by this Italian chef.

There’s an increased interest in cooking courses that teach you to cook simple dishes that look and taste great and are easy to recreate back home and this new pizza, pasta & gelato course does just that.

Learn from the master of pizza makers in Sorrento on the Amalfi coast, close to Naples where the pizza originated. This 2 day course costs just £198 per person and will teach you the art of pizza making where you’ll learn to make pizza in a conventional oven so that you can easily recreate the pizza once back home.

You’ll also pick up the skills needed for making fresh pasta and a selection of pungent sauces that will impress even your most serious foodie friends. Finish the course with a gelato making session where you can indulge your passion for ice cream as you learn to make gelato, sorbets and gelato cakes creating your own flavours.

Passionate about food, this Italian family run cooking school will teach you not just how to cook but will also take you on culinary and cultural journey.

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