Honeymoon inspiration

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Honeymoon inspiration

Honeymoons are a welcome break away from the chaotic wedding stress and probably the most important holiday a couple will take. So is lying on a beach for two weeks enough to satisfy your wedded bliss?

Jetting off to a remote exotic destination where you will be surrounded with palm trees, rose petals and champagne does sound tempting – but still not enough. Images of this ‘perfect’ honeymoon are not for every couple. As newly-weds, it is important that you take a honeymoon which you won’t forget and will set you up for married life.

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For the ultimate escape to follow your perfect day, NoOrdinaryWedding has picked up on our exciting alternatives:

“Why not try to master authentic flamenco dancing in Seville or learn the art of photography and Spanish in the beautiful Costa Rica?”

“Skills you learn – like French cooking – could come in handy once the honeymoon is over and the real business of marriage begins!”

At GoLearnTo we have plenty more quirky and unconventional suggestions for your honeymoon. Why not try a cookery holiday or perhaps something more creative? relax together on a  wellbeing holiday or be adventurous on one of our sports holidays? Alternatively, why not kick off your marriage by learning a language together!


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