Guest review: Mira shares her yoga and wellness retreat experience in Thailand

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Guest review: Mira shares her yoga and wellness retreat experience in Thailand

This was Mira’s first ever holiday travelling solo – and it took some convincing to get her onboard with the idea! But once she decided to go it alone, she really went for it, booking a yoga and wellness retreat in Koh Samui, Thailand for her time away.

Mira took some time out of her schedule to let us know what travelling solo on a GoLearnTo holiday is really like:

What was the holiday, and how was it as a solo traveller?

I signed up for a yoga and wellness retreat in Soh Kamui, Thailand, as I just wanted to take some time for myself yet not feel incredibly isolated.

As mentioned – I had never done a holiday alone, and it really did take some reassurance from the GoLearnTo team. They told me there would be plenty of activities, along with plenty of like-minded solo travellers and staff members there to take care of me. They were right on every count.

I had a private room, but crossed paths with many of the same women throughout the day. The resort is very small and personable, with people doing detoxes, dieting, yoga, spinning, etc, so you will always meet people with common interests.

Was there a lot of choice for activities?

There’s always some structure to the day: morning meditation, morning yoga, breakfast, free time (from about 12-4pm), spinning, then evening yoga and ongoing lectures. However, there is no pressure to do anything; you can join as much or as little as you would like.

It’s your holiday and your choice to take an intensive or relaxing approach. There are also wonderful spa options and massages that you can sign up for (at an extra cost), but you can take advantage of it daily if you would like to go full-out relaxing.

Again, evenings are the same way. Two evenings a week, the street market is on, and it makes for a great night out with culture, sights, scents, food and people watching. You can take a cab onto the main strip and try the social scene, or try some snorkelling.

If you are there to unwind, you can walk the beach to a nearby temple and just enjoy a quiet evening. It is all up to you and what you want to get out of your holiday, which is something that I found very refreshing and relaxing.

What were the highlights of the holiday for you (and what was your favourite meal)?

There was a new menu daily of healthy, fresh, delicious and good-for-you meals. If you wanted to eat lots, you could, without any guilt.

I loved all of the different juices, as well as what was available with the sauna and massage packages. I made three wonderful new friends; all very strong, inspiring women. Although I was indulgent with my meals, I still lost three pounds, so there isn’t much to complain about!

What were the hosts like?

The wellbeing staff are very kind – they always say hello and are there for you if you have a need for anything. Each of them really care, and want you to be at ease and have an amazing, memorable experience. They are very spiritual, and practice what they preach. They’re excellent company.

I can honestly say, if you need some healing, solace, or just had a break up you need to get away from – this is a great solution for the soul.

If Mira has convinced you that a wellness retreat to Thailand is just the thing you need, you can find more information about our yoga and wellness holiday on its itinerary page.

For more from Mira, you can listen to her podcast on the wonderful women she met on this Thai holiday here:

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