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‘Just get out there and enjoy it!’ – Mike loved his solo holiday on our Spanish and salsa holiday in Andalucia

Spanish and salsa in Andalucia Spain


Mike from the UK who has been travelling solo for the last 20 years, recently spent a week on our Spanish language and salsa dancing holiday in Nerja, Spain.

Set in a friendly language school in sunny Nerja, this holiday is perfect for not only learning the Spanish language but also for indulging in fun salsa dancing lessons and meeting like-minded students. Read on to find out more about his wonderful experience on the course!

Spain-Andalucia-Malaga- class of "Flamenco" dance at Nerja.

Mike’s holiday

Mike had a great time on his holiday. ‘The location was brilliant, the school was brilliant, and everything was just fantastic!’

He loved meeting the diverse range of people with differing ages and nationalities at the school and on the course, and everyone was friendly and always ready to help. He would come back and try something different for his next holiday!

For Mike, an experienced solo traveller, the best thing about travelling solo is the freedom to change plans as you go along. Travelling solo gives you the space to explore, to meet new people and to learn about places and local cultures. His advice to those considering this holiday: It’s all about meeting people and learning new things; just get out there and enjoy it!

Are you an adventurous solo traveller like Mike? If so, this Spanish and salsa dance holiday in Nerja is the perfect place to learn new skills and make friends along the way.

Get out there to try new things and meet new people on our next fantastic holiday!

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