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Introducing Biagio – family man, pizza king and BFG

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Biagio is a big man, our very own BFG. This friendly giant was born and bred in Puglia,  world famous for organic ingredients and rustic recipes. At 17 he moved to  (and fell in  love with) Sorrento, where he has remained throughout the birth of his  children and  grandchildren.

His studies on the Sorrentine Peninsula equipped him for a career that has seen him  working in Brussels, Dusserldorf and Berlin (where his son fell in love and set up a  new  restaurant.) He has worked on cruise ships and is renowned for his passion  and rustic  charm in North America. Don’t panic though, he’s not going anywhere.  Proud father,  grandfather and owner of stunning B and B and cookery school in  Sorrento, he is  kneading the pizza dough as you read.

Check out Biagio’s pizza and gelato (ice cream) making course.

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