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Amazing location and great tuition – Johanna’s review of our photography holiday

DSC_0582An amazing location coupled with great tuitions and fantastic food gave Johanna the best photographic holiday in Dordogne!

As an avid photographer Johanna went on our 8 day photography holiday to improve her skills and discover new photographic tips.

In a relaxed and enthusiastic atmosphere she has been able to have at the same time both a focused and learning holiday and a great time meeting new people and eating delicious food.

You travelled solo for this holiday, how did you find it?
It was no problem at all going on this trip solo. The hosts were so accommodating and made you feel very welcome in their home. There are never more than four people on the course which means you are able to spend time together exploring your photography skills, eating, and relaxing.

What were the highlights of this trip?
The location is amazing. We had ample opportunities to explore the local area and some hidden gems to use for photographic opportunities. The Photography_holiday_France_-_photography_lesson_bridgefood was fantastic. Pam caters for the group every night and produces home cooked four course dinners – which give you plenty of time to talk about the day’s events!

Are you new to photography or do you have photography experience already?
I thought I knew how to use my camera and compose a good shot. Within two days I had unpicked my bad habits and I was making progress towards taking the photographs that even now I cannot believe I have taken!

How did you find the tuition and how do you think you’ve advanced your photography skills?
The tuition was spot on. Paul is able to gauge what you already know and help you achieve what you would like to know. No classrooms or endless presentations – straight out into the field, on the spot direction and advice and fantastic follow up back in the studio using the software available. Relaxed informal setting from an experienced enthusiastic professional who lets you explore your niche.

 What was the accommodation like????????????????????????????????
The room was lovely. Modern but set within a rustic barn. Great indoor space to work, eat and relax as well as ready access to a garden. Drinks on the veranda were a lovely end to any assignment and a great way to start a sociable evening.

What were the other people on the course like?
It was great to be totally immersed in our interest. You can indulge yourself in nothing but photography and absorb fellow participants’ knowledge, advice and enthusiasm.

Would you recommend this holiday to others?
Definitely – if you know a little or a lot about photography. This was a holiday but with a focus on having a productive time in a relaxed informal setting – the best of both worlds!

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