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Language learning holidays featured in the Guardian

We’re starting to feel a little boastful now that GoLearnTo.com has been featured in big newspapers, magazines and websites every other week, but we can’t help it if our holidays are so good that they’re the talk of the town!

Three of our language learning holidays have taken the cake and are featured in the Guardian’s “Top Language learning holidays” article. Find the snippets below!


Portuguese and samba: Learn Portuguese and the Brazilian dance of samba. Learners come from all over the world to these classes, which means the only way to communicate will be speaking the language – no chatting in English.
A two-week course costs from £253 excl. accommodation

Spanish and Yoga

Spanish and yoga: Strengthen your core – and your language skills – on holiday in Costa Rica. Guests receive 90 minutes of outdoor yoga a day. But don’t get too relaxed – there are also two daily Spanish lessons, plus optional “labs” for conscientious students.
A week’s course costs from £311 per person

Moroccan cooking

Arabic and cooking course: Learn traditional Moroccan cooking from an experienced local in Tangier, and use your new found skills to explore local markets.
A week’s course costs from £135

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