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Moved to France with 4 kids in tow and never looked back – Caroline’s inspirational lifestyle


Packing up and moving to rural France with four kids under the age of 7 and no knowledge of the language would seem a big step to most, but for Caroline and her husband Adam it was a no brainer.

“I always loved travelling, we wanted an outdoor lifestyle and I wanted the kids to be bi-lingual . Then one day Adam just said, ‘so where do you want to live then?’ and that was it. We decided to just go and we’ve never looked back,” Caroline said.Cooking and jewellery making in France - accommodation

While there is a growing number of Brits settling in France, 11 years ago a family of 6 moving into town was a rare sight.

“The first week we arrived we were in the local paper, this big family with huge white landdrover had landed,” Caroline said.

Before the move Caroline worked as a geography and PE teacher and had trained in reflexology and massage, and Adam worked in finance.

However with a jeweller for a grandfather, a sign writer for a father and a passion for teaching and jewellery – Caroline’s ultimiate dream was to set up a jewellery makiong holiday in their new home. But it wasn’t until Caroline discovered the unique precious metal clay that she made this dream a reality.

“It is the most incredible thing to work with, I am so passionate about it. Sometimes Adam has to ask for a few hours where I don’t talk about it!” Caroline said.

Cooking and jewellery making in France - dinner timeCaroline’s experience with this new type of luxury metal clay makes her jewellery making holiday one of a kind. Metal clays act just like clay, so it is easy to work with while you’re perfecting a design. But once the metal is fired it turns into pure silver.

After renovating their 150-year old farmhouse and gite that overlooks the rolling countryside, fields of sunflowers and lush meadows – they were ready for people to come and stay and share Caroline’s knowledge of this unique silver and Adams passion for cooking with the fresh local produce.

“Adam is probably more enthusiastic about the local Gascony produce that the locals! Sitting down with the meals he’s cooked and a glass of wine with the guests is always a real  highlight,” Caroline said.

In fact Adam’s food has been such a hit, they are now running a cooking and jewellery making holiday

“We really love all the people we meet from all over the world, we really are living our dream!” Caroline said.

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