A day in the life of our jewellery making teacher Caroline

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A day in the life of our jewellery making teacher Caroline

jewellery making holiday host Caroline

I get up in the morning, have breakfast which is usually a croissant and coffee and then I’ll go down to the local market and buy fresh produce from around the region.  We have an organic farm right next door so I might pop over there instead to buy veggies. I’ll have a chat with sowebpool BMPme of the locals and in the afternoon we might go and play tennis or I will go for a jog around the countryside.

There are a lot of artists in the town so I often meet up with them or go and see an exhibition. We’re very sociable people and have made a lot of friends in the community, it’s a small place so everyone knows each other and we’ve been here for 11 years.  Some afternoons  I go and work in the local beauty salon doing massages and reflexology, I really enjoy it and it’s a nice way to be involved with the community. And I’ll also do some work in the afternoons, go over bookings and our marketing.

Then I’ll usually work on a jewellery piece before dinner which my husband Adam usually cooks, he’s a fantastic cook. Sometimes in the weekends we’ll go skiing in the winter or surfing in Biarritz in the summer with our 4 teenage kids.

We really love our lifestyle in France whether we are busy in the community or running courses, I feel like we’re finally doing what we had a vision of so many years ago.


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