A day in the life of our yoga tutor Jo

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A day in the life of our yoga tutor Jo


Get a glimpse into a day of the life of our yoga tutor Jo who runs yoga holidays in Side, Turkey….

The first thing I do is send the kids off to school then start my yoga practice for the day, I always do an hour or two in the morning, it truly is the best way to start the day!

After I’ve finished my practice and had some fresh fruit or local cheese and bread for breakfast, I start doing work online. This is usually sorting out bookings or managing the website. If we have guests I would have breakfast with them which is usually a buffet of local produce of cheeses, olives, spreads, and freshly baked breads.

Sometimes in the afternoon I will pop down to the beach either on my own, with the kids or with guests and go for a swim or for a walk.

Then in the evening if there’s guests we practice yoga for two hours, I either teach or we have a guest teacher and I participate. And if we don’t have guests I still practice in the evenings to unwind. Later we all either have dinner together which is really fun, or the guest go out for dinner and I have dinner with my family.

In the evening I spend time with the kids doing homework, and then Murat and I always make sure we get an hour together where we either relax or go over our plan for the following day.

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