‘Graciela’s Pilates tuition was second to none’ – Jill and Heather’s Pilates holiday with a difference

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‘Graciela’s Pilates tuition was second to none’ – Jill and Heather’s Pilates holiday with a difference

Pilates and spa short break in Costa Blance, Alicante, Spain - photo by JillJill and her daughter Heather recently enjoyed a wonderful holiday on our Pilates and spa short break in Costa Blanca, Spain. Find out what is so special about this holiday that made Heather a Pilates convert and has Jill looking forward to her next trip back!


I have been doing Pilates once a week for 6 months now. I just love Pilates and wanted to do a relaxing holiday, but I do like to be a bit active as well. It seemed like a good idea to combine the 2 things. It was the first time Heather tried Pilates, and she’s absolutely converted now.

Host & Pilates tutor: Graciela

Graciela’s Pilates tuition is second to none. She really helped me get the right moves because she is an expert at seeing what muscles you are using. She is really good and the individual classes are great and really necessary.

She is very friendly and open, and very warm. I feel at ease with her. She strikes you as being at the top of her game; she just knows what she’s doing. With a quick look at your body, she tells you what she thinks your needs are. And then you do a little bit of workout with her and she checks every move you do to see that you are doing it correctly. If you’re not, she takes you back a step and then back a step so that you get it right from the beginning. And then every day she will redo something that you weren’t really clear of so that you build up a really strong muscle memory of what she wants you to do.

Even outside of class, Graciela is a lovely host. For example, we didn’t have transport, so Graciela offered to take us to the supermarket and get a few things. One evening, she took us into Denia and we had a drink together. If you’re on holiday, you often don’t know where to go, but Graciela pointed out a few restaurants for us. Graciela is wonderful and very helpful, and I would go back again just because of that.

Specialised Pilates equipment: the Reformer

I have never used the reformer machine before. It was really fantastic. It gives you a sensation of movement and because it glides so easily, it really helps. You move up and down, using your stomach muscles.

Because Graciela’s a dancer, she showed us a combination of movements that you would do on it. It does make you feel as though you were moving in a very fluid fashion, really beautiful. I mean I can’t do it the way she does it, but she showed us what’s possible on that.

When I got back, I’ve googled all the Pilates places and I might choose one that has a reformer, because it is so good.

Location: Denia and the hotel

We liked Denia. We didn’t spend a lot of time there as we only had a couple of evenings, but like I said, Graciela showed us her favourite places around town and then left us to explore, so it was great.

We spent most of our time in the hotel, around the pool, which we really loved because it was beautiful.

The booking process: GoLearnTo.com

I am really impressed with your website and email system. At the beginning, I was worried about what to do and how to organise everything. You were very efficient, and that really made my decision to go on the holiday with you.


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