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Cook your way across northern Italy in a week

What would you do with a week in northern Italy? Forget the Scrovini Chapel or the Milan Shopping. We’re talking real Italy. Taking a hint from towns named Parma and Bologna that immediately strike cravings for hearty Italian food into our bellies, here’s an idea for an alternative northern Italy holiday that will delight the foodie in you: let’s cook our way across this gastronomic paradise.

For a real taste of northern Italy, we have curated a week-long cookery trip across northern Italy that will take you from the charming Venetian countryside to the lush hills overlooking the largest lake in Italy.

Note: suitable only for cheese and pasta lovers with appetites for 7 days of good food.

1 day cooking course Venice, ItalyDay 1 – Riviera del Brenta

Ease into your cookery trip with a 3 hour cooking class in a private countryside home on the Riviera del Brenta.

Pick up point: Calatrava Bridge

Start your day with an espresso at Piazzale Roma before meeting your hosts at the Calatrava Bridge. Visit local shops and markets to learn how to select the freshest local produce. Discover the secrets behind preparing the gastronomic delights of Venice. By lunchtime, you will have prepared a complete 3-course Italian meal with your own hands, one that you will enjoy with local wines from the region.
Even with a satisfied belly, the day is far from over. In the afternoon, visit the Villa Pisani, the grandest villa of the Riviera, just a 20-minute drive away.

Later in the afternoon, hop on the train to your next stop an hour away, the pretty village of Cison di Valma.

The fact that you are heading into the Prosecco region, well known for its sparkling wines, makes the train ride seem longer than it actually is. But not to worry, you’ll get there. And you can expect to be greeted with a traditional Italian dinner this evening in a tastefully restored 18th century house where you will spend the next 3 days.

cooking in veneto - ravioli makingDays 2-4 – Cison di Valma

Learn to cook the cuisine of Veneto under the guidance of Chef Antonella. Antipasti to pastas. Risottos to gnocchi. Fluffy crespelle and refreshing sorbets. Chef Antonella will teach you to be boldly creative in your cooking.

Explore the charming village of Cison di Valma in your free time. Visit one of the best examples of a 13th century abbey in Italy. Take a trip to the beautiful hill-town of Asolo and discover its winding streets and rich history. Try not to get too attached to this magnificent area and your wonderful host.

After your final cookery lesson with Antonella on day 4, it’s time to move on to Lake Garda. Enjoy the lush greenery rolling by your train window with magnificent mountains in the distance. In no time at all, spot Torri del Benaco, where your cooking adventure continues.

Edit: Unfortunately, Chef Antonella has moved on to better things in life and this holiday is no longer available. Click here to chat with an expert for our latest recommendations of similar holidays that would fit perfectly into your trip.

Italian_cookery_holiday_Lake_Garda_-_cooking_funDays 5-7 – Torri del Benaco

Torri del Benaco, one of the most historic towns by Lake Garda, offers beautiful views over the surrounding countryside. Visit local producers of wine, cheese, olive oil or grappa. Pick the freshest seasonal produce sourced locally. Prepare a host of Italian dishes in Chef Andrea’s professional kitchen. Surrounded by a beautiful garden with olive trees and rose bushes with stunning views of the lake, there’s no better location to learn to cook.
While day 7 marks the end of this delicious holiday, your cookery adventure does not end here. With this true culinary experience under your belt, go home and show everyone how Italian food is done.

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