Yoga holiday in Portugal – Caroline’s experience

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Yoga holiday in Portugal – Caroline’s experience

Read all about Caroline Simms’ yoga holiday experience in the Algarve, Portugal. After hearing about her progress with yoga, the descriptions of the scrumptious meals and the orchard with all sorts of fruit trees that surrounds the villa accommodation, you’re sure to be drooling and dreaming about this Portuguese retreat.

How was your experience travelling solo?

Travelling solo was no problem at all. I have travelled alone many times before on short breaks and have always enjoyed myself, but in truth I preferred travelling alone more on this yoga holiday. I was there for a longer period of time so I had a better chance to get to know people and make some fantastic new friends.

caroline orchard

How was the accommodation?

The accommodation was really beautiful, three private villas set in the middle of a secluded orchard. We were surrounded by orange trees, apple trees, fig trees, everything was there!! We were even able to go for a walk in the grounds in the afternoon sunshine and pick them to have a fresh treat during the day.

caroline pool

What did you think about the food?

We had amazing food! Everything was made fresh using local produce and it was all vegetarian. At first I was nervous about the food being boring and bland, but that couldn’t have been further from the truth. Our cook Wendy made different cuisines, including Indian, Moroccan and even a vegetarian roast dinner. It was always wonderfully tasty and fresh! My family and friends have heard about the cuisine and seen the photographs and are now eager to get all the recipes!

caroline food

How was your yoga instructor?

Rachel, the yoga instructor, was very friendly and calm. She was very accommodating and aware of all the needs of the students. The class was for mixed abilities, there were a few beginners including myself, along with a few intermediate students. Rachel was always very supportive and tailored the sessions to suit us all. The yoga was hard work, but good hard work. The sense of achievement at the end of 3.5 hours of yoga a day was so fulfilling.   

caroline yoga

What were the other people on the holiday like?

The group was a mixed bunch, with people who were in their late 20’s to those in their mid-60s, both male and female. Everyone was very friendly and it was an international group which was great. I made some really good friends who I hope to stay in contact with and we are even hoping to have our own reunion later this year. We are all still in contact and we have all said we would happily return.

caroline friends

What did you do in your free time?

In our free time, we relaxed by the pool (you need to rest after the yoga!) or went out to town or the beach. Rachel arranged transport for us which was very convenient and everything was well-organised.  There were massages available and a therapeutic ‘sound bath’ experience as well. Rachel even happily organised a personal training session for me, asking her own personal trainer to come to the complex to work with me!  In town there were quite a few Portuguese stores selling ceramics and other such souvenirs, a traditional Portuguese fruit/food market and gypsy market, so we happily went shopping on the last day (worth stocking up on the beautiful local Portuguese red wine for 3 Euros a bottle!) We also went on a nature walk with Rachel on one of the days and that was great fun and beautiful scenery.

caroline ceramics

What did you think of the location?

The location was ideal because it was quiet and secluded enough to have privacy and alone time, but it was only a 10/15 minute walk to nearby restaurants so it was not a problem to get around at all.

caroline town

Would you recommend this holiday?

Yes, absolutely. I would recommend this holiday because it has great food, glorious weather, friendly people and it’s affordable and fun. 

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