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Fervent foodies, beginners who struggle to chop an onion, lifelong cooks - everyone is welcome in the kitchens of our French cooking schools. Get to grips with flavour combinations, develop your culinary skills, sample the freshest local ingredients and, most importantly, share stories & a glass of wine with other passionate cooks.


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After all, it's not just where you go, it's how you come back.

"Something for everyone, from exquisite and authentic cooking to local sightseeing."


- Chris, UK: Cooking & wine holiday in Gascony

Create delicious desserts & pastries on our NEW cookery holiday in the Loire Valley


Learn to cook from two professional chefs

"It far exceeded my expectations. Great location, wonderful hosts, excellent food."


- Helen, UK: Cookery holiday in Brittany

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Cooking and French courses

Cooking and French courses

from £257

Bon appetit

The French embrace food as a way of life: something to savour and to spend hours revelling in alongside good company and fine wine.

French food is so much more than rich cheeses, airy pastries and lush wine (though those are great, too).

A cooking holiday in France draws you into the depths of French flavours and the complexity of its dishes, and likewise its culture, proving why France is regarded as one of the gourmet cooking capitals of the world.

Light-as-air soufflés and creamy crème brûlées, slow roasted cassoulets and velvety béarnaise sauce, buttery croissants and sweet tartes Tatin over a glass of full-bodied Bordeaux and bites of pungent cheese – cooking experiences in France should always be this appetising.

And with fourth-generation cooks, Michelin-starred chefs and local artisans showing you the way around the kitchen, you'll return with new skills and satisfied tastebuds.

Where to experience cooking in France

Go just to explore one of France's diverse regions or combine your French cooking courses with another hobby or passion like jewellery making, spa treatments or learning to speak French.

Cook on the stunning Cote d'Azur with a French cooking lesson in Nice or discover the serenity and regional delicacies on Normandy or Brittany's coastline instead.

Find the freshest ingredients in the enticing food markets of Lyon or learn the art of butchery and charcuterie or fish cookery in Toulouse. Just outside of Paris, you can flambé, sauté and purée in the charming villages and countryside of the Loire Valley.

Or, traverse France's most iconic food and wine regions. In Provence, let the sprawling hills and local Provencal flavours inspire your creations, or head to Bordeaux for a glass of red wine as you learn the intricate patisserie skills of French pastries and baking.

Whatever your tastes, you can find a cookery holiday to indulge your inner chef and a group of like-minded people to experience it with. Never settle for ordinary.

Who are our French cooking holiday guests?

You'll meet people of all ages and nationalities on French cookery courses, from solo travellers to couples to friends. Some love local, seasonal food, others are simply looking for a getaway that mixes relaxation with life-enhancing activities (and excellent meals).

All that's required is a passion for food, a love of learning and a refusal to be boxed in.

Is this you? It looks like you.

Thousands of people have already discovered that our eclectic mix of cooking holidays in France are as diverse as the people who go on them. Come and join them.

Guest reviews

"Value for money? For the amount of fun we had, the knowledge we obtained, the limitless food and wine, & the new friends we made? Priceless." Mike, UK

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