Music Lessons

Music Lessons

We love Flamenco music. Listen to Flamenco music and you hear the sound not of sea and sangria, but of blood, sweat and tears. Flamenco music is an art form. A passion. A way of life. Take a Flamenco guitar or compass course and return home with a sprinkling of Flamenco fairy dust on your shoulders.

What a wonderful experience this has been! The staff at the school were very kind and helpful and tried their utmost to answer all my questions. My teacher Manuel was superb and managed to communicate what i had to play in a simple and straightforward way. I was also very impressed by the fact that he tabbed all of the lessons for me and even recorded the songs so i can practise them. Lessons progressed at a suitable pace and i was given the choice of flamenco styles i wanted to learn. This course has certainly inspired me to continue studying flamenco guitar and I shall seriously consider taking more classes in the future. E Bell, UK: Private Flamenco guitar lessons, Seville

    We love music

    We love music. Listen, play, experience. Music is our passion. We love it more when guests return from our Flamenco guitar courses excited about their future.

    Our Flamenco guitar courses are innovative, magnificent, inspiring. Quite simply, our guitar courses last a lifetime. Experience the fire of Flamenco and play the guitar until your fingers throb with gypsy passion.

    Almost all Flamenco music is improvised, rather than written down. There’s no predetermined point at which a song ends. You must listen for the llamada, or cry; three loud beats, followed by the cerrado, or close; two loud beats, and that’s the end. In flamenco you signal to each other through the music. No need to speak.

    For an innovative take on a music holiday, why not combine guitar lessons with compass classes or learn the language of Flamenco with Spanish classes.

    Go. Take a Flamenco guitar holiday not just to Spain but to another world. This is what a music holiday should feel like.

    Who are our Flamenco guitar course guests?

    Solo travellers. Men with a passion for music. Enthusiastic, sociable types. Beginners with an interest in Flamenco to the more experienced. People of all ages and nationalities who refused to be boxed in.

    Is this you? It looks like you.

    Thousands of people have already discovered that our music holidays last a lifetime. Come and join them.

    What do our guests think?

    It’s not the done thing to boast. So you won’t find us crowing about how amazing our dance tutors are. Nor how good our service is, or the fact that the accommodation is wonderfully comfortable and characterful, the music uplifting, the dance partners inspiring. Mum’s the word. We prefer to let our guests do the talking.

    Absolutely superb! I would certainly recommend Flamenco and GoLearnTo. Particular thanks to Lito Espinosa my guitar tutor who taught me a great deal in the week I was there and is a superb guitarist. Sevilla is a wonderful place for immersing yourself in flamenco. I will be going again! E Bell, UK: Private Flamenco guitar lessons, Seville

    A "five star" experience all the way. Incredibly knowledgeable, friendly people all the way. More than met my expectations.. thank you! Flamenco guitar and Spanish lessons, Seville

    What the press say about our music holidays...

    Telegraph on Sunday - It’s all blood, sweats and tears in Seville with Flamenco guitar lessons

    The Guardian - Happy clappy compas in Granada

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